BART Don't Lie

  1. Top 5 Things I Do Every Day But Still Suck At And Would Like To Get Better At:


    1. Drinking water without spilling it on myself. 
    2. Shaving my legs without cutting them open.
    3. Putting on mascara without poking myself in the eye.
    4. Moving my hands anywhere near my face without smudging my glasses.
    5. Speaking out loud with out stuttering. 

    Maybe 2013 will be my year.

    This is a noble undertaking and a list that is frighteningly similar to some of my own many MANY shortcomings. But in the interest of only stealing Bailey’s idea and not ALL of her words I submit my own list of personal goals for y’know… someday (I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself by etching a hard deadline in stone). Also, my list is not made up specifically of DAILY tasks so much as repeating life events. Enjoy! 

    1. Enjoying my coffee when it’s actually hot and not waiting until it cools to lukewarm or even cold before I even START to try and drink it. 
    2. Doing laundry when I still have a few pairs of socks left and not waiting until I start dipping onto my mismatched, dress sock, or mismatched dress sock reserves. 
    3. Actually turning off my lights and TV before I go to sleep. 
    4. Washing my silverware before I run completely out of clean silverware. 
    5. Showering without completely losing track of what I’m doing to the point where I think I sometimes repeat shower tasks up to three times. 

    To quote my favorite philosopher and scholar: EXCELSIOR!